Philipp Veelken


Philipp Veelken

Junior Professorship for Applied Interfaces Electrochemistry


Building: 01.3z

Room: 3006


Phone: +49 2461 6196778

Research Interest:

With the ongoing climate change sustainable and decentralised energy production became a hot topic. In order to store ‘green’ energy the interest in all-solid-state batteries have increased. A major advantage is the improved safety, which is of high importance in electric vehicles. Hybrid-electrolytes are discussed in greater detail, to combine multiple advantages of different materials, such as ion-conducting polymers with ion-conducting ceramics. The optimization of electrolytes requires a thorough understanding of internal processes inside the electrolytes. Therefore, the interfacial area in hybrid-electrolytes has to be analysed extensively. The ionic pathways are characterised with atomic force microscopy (AFM). AFM allows to investigate the surface of a sample on a nanometre scale, with sophisticated AFM-methods like electrochemical strain microscopy (ESM) to characterise the local ionic conductivity. In combination with other characterisation methods ESM provides detailed information over the ionic conductivity and transport processes inside the electrolyte. These insights contribute to understand the interfacial behaviour of ions between different materials, making it possible to improve the development of batteries.