Beatrice Wolff

M. Sc.
Beatrice Wolff
Juniorprofessur für Angewandte-Grenzflächenelektrochemie (FZ Jülich)


Building: 01.3z

Room: 3006


Phone: +49 2461 6196778

Research Interest:

Batteries are an important part of our everyday life. Especially Li-ion batteries are nowadays used in most of our electronic devices. There is a lot of ongoing research to enhance e.g. the capacity of these batteries in order to make them suitable for other applications such as electric vehicles. One field of research is the use of lithium metal as anode material. This is a very promising candidate in terms of capacity and electrode potential. However, the formation of dendrites on the lithium metal surface during cycling leads to short circuits of the battery and poses a safety risk. Furthermore, lithium metal is thermodynamically unstable with respect to organic electrolytes. Hence, the metal reacts with the electrolyte in contact and forms a so-called „solid electrolyte interphase“ (SEI). This formation consumes both electrode as well as electrolyte material and leads to capacity loss. However, a stable SEI layer is inevitable to protect the electrode from the electrolyte and to prevent the formation of lithium dendrites. Therefore, understanding the formation process of the SEI layer is very important. A powerful tool for such investigations is atomic force microscopy (AFM) since it can provide information on the topography and mechanical properties of a surface.