For our research we make use of the following equipment:



  • Extreme-Resolution Field Emission SEM JEOL JSM-7800F Prime with Oxford Aztec EDX-System and Oxford INCA WDX-System
  • Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer, SIMS: ION-TOF TOF-SIMS IV
  • Scanning Electron Microscope LEO/Zeiss 1450VP, with Oxford INCA EDX system
  • Interference Microscope Veeco NT1100
  • Optical Microscope Leica DM-RM, with CCD camera and high temperature chamber for temperatures up to 900°C at variable atmospheres


Sample characterization

  • X-ray diffractometer STOE STADI-P
  • X-ray diffractometer STOE Theta-Theta with Buehler high temperature chamber HDK 1.4 for temperatures up to 1400°C at variable atmospheres
  • Thermogravimetry Setaram SETSYS
  • In situ-Impedance spectroscopy Schlumberger-Solatron + HP
  • In situ DC conductivity in 4 contact and Van Der Pauw geometry
  • Gas phase mass spectrometer
  • In situ sample environment for X-ray absorption spectroscopy at temperatures up to 1300°C and variable reactive gas atmospheres



  • Pulsed Laser Deposition, PLD: SURFACE PLD-Workstation

  • Various high temperature furnaces, up to 1600°C, some at variable atmospheres
  • Electron beam furnace
  • Hydraulic press
  • Ball mill
  • Particle size separator
  • Single crystal growth Bridgman at temperatures up to 900°C
  • Chemical laboratory


Sample preparation and metallography

  • Cross Section Polisher JEOL IB-19500CP
  • Diamond wire saw
  • Various polishing and grinding machines
  • Diamond saw


Radiotracer laboratory

  • Multi channel gamma detector, Oxford
  • Polishing machine
  • Various high temperature furnaces, up to 1500°C, with variable atmospheres