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  • Ameseder, Felix; Radulescu, Aurel; Holderer, Olaf; Falus, Peter; Richter, Dieter; Stadler, Andreas M.
    Relevance of Internal Friction and Structural Constraints for the Dynamics of Denatured Bovine Serum Albumin
    The journal of physical chemistry letters, 9, 2469-2473 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpclett.8b00825]
  • Hebbeker, Pascal; Plamper, Felix Alois; Schneider, Stefanie
    Aggregation of Star Polymers : Complexation versus Segregation
    Macromolecular theory and simulations, 27, 1800033 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1002/mats.201800033]
  • Fernandez-Rodriguez, Miguel-Angel; Elnathan, Roey; Ditcovski, Ran; Grillo, Fabio; Conley, Gaurasundar Marc; Timpu, Flavia; Rauh, Astrid; Geisel, Karen; Ellenbogen, Tal; Grange, Rachel; Scheffold, Frank; Karg, Matthias; Richtering, Walter; Voelcker, Nicolas H.; Isa, Lucio
    Tunable 2D binary colloidal alloys for soft nanotemplating
    Nanoscale, 10, 22189-22195 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1039/C8NR07059H]
  • Richtering, Walter
    Adaptive microgels as versatile coating materials
    ACS national meeting, 256, 319 (2018)
  • Gelissen, Arjan Paul Hendrik
    Amphotere Mikrogele
    [DOI: 10.18154/RWTH-2018-229312]
  • Hebbeker, Pascal; Langen, Tabea G.; Plamper, Felix Alois; Schneider, Stefanie
    Spacer Chains Prevent the Intramolecular Complexation in Miktoarm Star Polymers
    The journal of physical chemistry / B, 122, 4729-4736 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcb.8b01663]
  • Portnov, Ivan; Möller, Martin; Richtering, Walter; Potemkin, Igor I.
    Microgel in a Pore : Intraparticle Segregation or Snail-like Behavior Caused by Collapse and Swelling
    Macromolecules, 51, 8147-8155 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1021/acs.macromol.8b01569]
  • Schröder, Ricarda; Richtering, Walter; Potemkin, Igor I.; Pich, Andrij
    Stimuli-Responsive Zwitterionic Microgels with Covalent and Ionic Cross-Links
    Macromolecules, 51, 6707-6716 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1021/acs.macromol.8b00689]
  • Hebbeker, Pascal
    The effect of complexation on miktoarm star polymers
    [DOI: 10.18154/RWTH-2018-227646]
  • Siemes, Eric; Nevskyi, Oleksii; Sysoiev, Dmytro; Wypysek, Sarah Kristin; Oppermann, Alex; Huhn, Thomas; Richtering, Walter; Wöll, Dominik
    Nanoscopic visualization of cross-linking density in polymer networks with diarylethene photoswitches
    Angewandte Chemie / International edition, 57, 12280-12284 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1002/anie.201807741]
  • Hofzumahaus, Cornelius; Hebbeker, Pascal; Schneider, Stefanie
    Monte Carlo simulations of weak polyelectrolyte microgels: pH-dependence of conformation and ionization
    Soft matter, 14, 4087-4100 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1039/C7SM02528A]
  • Steinschulte, Alexander Adonis
    Inter- and intramolecular complexation of copolymers : On the way to non-equilibrium micelles
    [DOI: 10.18154/RWTH-2018-226693]
  • Wolff, Hanna Josefine; Kather, Michael; Breisig, Hans; Richtering, Walter; Pich, Andrij; Wessling, Matthias
    From Batch to Continuous Precipitation Polymerization of Thermoresponsive Microgels
    ACS applied materials & interfaces, 10, 24799-24806 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1021/acsami.8b06920]
  • Sigolaeva, Larisa V.; Pergushov, Dmitry V.; Oelmann, Marina; Schwarz, Simona; Brugnoni, Monia; Kurochkin, Ilya N.; Plamper, Felix Alois; Fery, Andreas; Richtering, Walter
    Surface Functionalization by Stimuli-Sensitive Microgels for Effective Enzyme Uptake and Rational Design of Biosensor Setups
    Polymers, 10, 791 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.3390/polym10070791]
  • Xu, Wenjing; Pich, Andrij; Potemkin, Igor I.; Richtering, Walter; Rudov, Andrey A.; Schröder, Ricarda; Portnov, Ivan
    Distribution of ionizable groups in polyampholyte microgels controls interactions with captured proteins : from blockade and levitation to accelerated release
    ACS national meeting, 255, 377 (2018)
  • Wöll, Dominik; Oppermann, Alex; Gelissen, Arjan Paul Hendrik; Centeno Benigno, Silvia; Nevskyi, Oleksii; Purohit, Ashvini; Hoppe Alvarez, Laura Rebecca
    Superresolution fluorescence microscopy for the in situ visualization of compartmentalized microgels / nanogels
    ACS national meeting, 255, 746 (2018)
  • Wypysek, Sarah Kristin; Scotti, Andrea; Richtering, Walter
    Hollow charged microgels: Structural investigations by SANS
    ACS national meeting, 255, 370 (2018)
  • Siemes, Eric; Faulde, Miriam Anna Barbara; Jupke, Andreas; Wöll, Dominik
    Fluorescence microscopy investigation of microgels at interfaces
    ACS national meeting, 255, 381 (2018)
  • Scotti, Andrea; Bochenek, Steffen; Brugnoni, Monia; Fernandez-Rodriguez, Miguel-Angel; Schulte, Marie Friederike; Houston, Judith; Gelissen, Arjan Paul Hendrik; Isa, Lucio; Richtering, Walter
    Ultra low crosslinked microgels are ordered in bulk and disordered in two-dimensions
    ACS national meeting, 255, 792 (2018)
  • Schulte, Marie Friederike; Scotti, Andrea; Gelissen, Arjan Paul Hendrik; Ahmed, Mourran; Richtering, Walter
    Probing the internal heterogeneity of responsive microgels adsorbed to an interface by sharp tip SFM
    ACS national meeting, 255, 385 (2018)
  • Schneider, Sabine; Mergel, Olga; Plamper, Felix Alois
    Polyelectrolyte microgels oppose electrodeposition
    ACS national meeting, 255, 380 (2018)
  • Schmidt, Maximilian; Richtering, Walter
    Investigation of highly charged microgels at flat liquid-liquid interfaces
    ACS national meeting, 255, 383 (2018)
  • Rudov, Andrey; Portnov, Ivan; Pich, Andrij; Richtering, Walter; Potemkin, Igor
    Polyelectrolyte and polyampholyte nanogels: Effect of electrostatics on internal structure, uptake and release of guest-molecules
    ACS national meeting, 255, 339 (2018)
  • Richtering, Walter
    Hard and soft microgels: Are they different?
    ACS national meeting, 255, 619 (2018)
  • Plamper, Felix Alois; van Rijn, Patrick; Mergel, Olga; Schneider, Sabine
    Electrochemically-active iron-containing microgels
    ACS national meeting, 255, 338 (2018)
  • Nothdurft, Katja; Brands, Thorsten; Bardow, André; Richtering, Walter
    Dynamic investigations of the cononsolvency of poly-N-isopropylacrylamide microgels
    ACS national meeting, 255, 391 (2018)
  • Mueller, Eva; Sivakumaran, Daryl; Alsop, Richard; Scotti, Andrea; Bleuel, Markus; Rheinstadter, Maikel; Richtering, Walter; Hoare, Todd
    Degradable homogeneous microgels via self-assembly of reactive poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) oligomers
    ACS national meeting, 255, 739 (2018)
  • Melle, Andrea; Moli, Sheila; De Laporte, Laura; Richtering, Walter; Pich, Andrij
    Microgels decorated with 2-methoxyethyl acrylate as new building block for biomaterials
    ACS national meeting, 255, 374 (2018)
  • Hofzumahaus, Cornelius; Strauch, Christian; Schneider, Stefanie
    Monte Carlo simulations of weak polyampholyte microgels : pH-dependent ionization and volume change
    ACS national meeting, 255, 691 (2018)
  • Eisold, Sabine; Molano-López, Catalina; Tran, Ahn Quang; Oppermann, Alex; Wöll, Dominik; Mayer, Dirk; Pich, Andrij; Simon, Ulrich
    Directed immobilization of thermo-responsive functionalized microgels via DNA
    ACS national meeting, 255, 376 (2018)
  • Brugnoni, Monia; Scotti, Andrea; Rudov, Andrey; Gelissen, Arjan Paul Hendrik; Radulescu, Aurel; Potemkin, Igor; Richtering, Walter
    Interplay of spatially separated polymeric shells in doubly thermoresponsive microgels in presence and absence of an incompressible core
    ACS national meeting, 255, 372 (2018)
  • Bochenek, Steffen; Scotti, Andrea; Richtering, Walter
    Thermo-responsive microgels at interfaces: Correlation between microgel softness and monolayer properties
    ACS national meeting, 255, 386 (2018)
  • Plamper, Felix Alois; Warren, Nicholas; Steinschulte, Alexander Adonis
    Transitions between non-equilibrium micelles
    ACS national meeting, 255, - (2018)
  • Gonzalez Lopez, Carlos; Richtering, Walter
    Conformation and dynamics of flexible polyelectrolytes in semidilute salt-free solutions
    The journal of chemical physics, 148, 244902 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1063/1.5024242]
  • Thiele, Martin J.; Davari, Mehdi D.; Hofmann, Isabell; König, Melanie; Gonzalez Lopez, Carlos; Vojcic, Ljubica; Richtering, Walter; Schwaneberg, Ulrich; Tsarkova, Larisa Aleksandrovna
    Enzyme-Compatible Dynamic Nanoreactors from Electrostatically Bridged Like-charged Surfactants and Polyelectrolytes
    Angewandte Chemie, 130, 9546-9551 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1002/ange.201805021]
  • Dähling, Claudia; Houston, Judith E.; Radulescu, Aurel; Drechsler, Markus; Brugnoni, Monia; Mori, Hideharu; Pergushov, Dmitry V.; Plamper, Felix Alois
    Self-Templated Generation of Triggerable and Restorable Nonequilibrium Micelles
    ACS Macro Letters, 7, 341-346 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1021/acsmacrolett.8b00096]
  • Dähling, Claudia
    Miktoarm stars and stimuli-sensitive copolymers: complexation and aggregation in dispersion
    [DOI: 10.18154/RWTH-2018-224387]
  • Scotti, Andrea; Brugnoni, Monia; Rudov, Andrey A.; Houston, J. E.; Potemkin, Igor I.; Richtering, Walter
    Hollow microgels squeezed in overcrowded environments
    The journal of chemical physics, 148, 174903 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1063/1.5026100]
  • Gelissen, Arjan Paul Hendrik; Scotti, Andrea; Wypysek, Sarah Kristin; Janssen, Corinna; Radulescu, Aurel; Pich, Andrij; Rudov, Andrey A.; Potemkin, Igor I.; Richtering, Walter
    An Anionic shell shields a cationic core allowing for uptake and release of polyelectrolytes within core-shell responsive microgels
    Soft matter, 14, 4287-4299 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1039/C8SM00397A]
  • Gonzalez Lopez, Carlos; Manova, Anna; Hoppe, Corinna; Dreja, Michael; Schmiedel, Peter; Job, Mareile; Richtering, Walter; Böker, Alexander; Tsarkova, Larisa A.
    Combined UV-Vis-absorbance and reflectance spectroscopy study of dye transfer kinetics in aqueous mixtures of surfactants
    Colloids and surfaces / A, 550, 74-81 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1016/j.colsurfa.2018.04.024]
  • Schneider, Sabine; Janssen, Corinna; Klindtworth, Elisabeth; Mergel, Olga; Möller, Martin; Plamper, Felix Alois
    Influence of Polycation Composition on Electrochemical Film Formation
    Polymers, 10, 429 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.3390/polym10040429]
  • Brugnoni, Monia; Scotti, Andrea; Rudov, Andrey A.; Gelissen, Arjan Paul Hendrik; Caumanns, Jan Tobias; Radulescu, Aurel; Eckert, Thomas; Pich, Andrij; Potemkin, Igor I.; Richtering, Walter
    Swelling of a Responsive Network within Different Constraints in Multi-Thermosensitive Microgels
    Macromolecules : web edition, 51, 2662-2671 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1021/acs.macromol.7b02722]
  • Richtering, Walter; Müller, Patrick
    "Ein Kollaps in zwei Stufen"
    Welt der Physik (2018)
  • Keidel, Rico Horst; Ghavami, Ali; Lugo, Dersy M.; Lotze, Gudrun; Virtanen, Otto L. J.; Beumers, Peter Christoph; Pedersen, Jan Skov; Bardow, André; Winkler, Roland G.; Richtering, Walter
    Time-resolved structural evolution during the collapse of responsive hydrogels: The microgel-to-particle transition
    Science advances, 4, eaao7086 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aao7086]
  • Schulte, Marie Friederike; Scotti, Andrea; Gelissen, Arjan Paul Hendrik; Richtering, Walter; Mourran, Ahmed
    Probing the Internal Heterogeneity of Responsive Microgels Adsorbed to an Interface by a Sharp SFM Tip: Comparing Core-Shell and Hollow Microgels
    Langmuir, 34, 4150-4158 (2018)
    [DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b03811]
  • Mueller, Eva; Alsop, Richard J.; Scotti, Andrea; Bleuel, Markus; Rheinstädter, Maikel C.; Richtering, Walter; Hoare, Todd
    Dynamically Cross-Linked Self-Assembled Thermoresponsive Microgels with Homogeneous Internal Structures
    Langmuir, 34, 1601-1612 (2017)
    [DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b03664]
  • Mergel, Olga
    Electrochemical switching of redox-responsive microgels
    [DOI: 10.18154/RWTH-2018-231754]
  • van Rijn, Patrick (Editor); Plamper, Felix Alois (Editor)
    Special Issue "Microgels and Hydrogels at Interfaces"
    Polymers (2017)
  • Dellis, D.; Samios, J.; Collet, B.; Versmold, Heinrich; Kłos, J.; Marinakis, S.
    An investigation of thermodynamics, microscopic structure, depolarized Rayleigh scattering, and collision dynamics in Xe-N 2 supercritical mixtures
    Journal of molecular liquids, 245, 42-51 (2017)
    [DOI: 10.1016/j.molliq.2017.06.026]
  • Steinschulte, Alexander Adonis; Scotti, Andrea; Rahimi, Khosrow; Nevskyi, Oleksii; Oppermann, Alex; Schneider, Sabine; Bochenek, Steffen; Schulte, Marie Friederike; Geisel, Karen; Jansen, Felicitas; Jung, Andre; Mallmann, Sabrina; Winter, Roland; Richtering, Walter; Wöll, Dominik; Schweins, Ralf; Warren, Nicholas J.; Plamper, Felix Alois
    Stimulated Transitions of Directed Nonequilibrium Self-Assemblies
    Advanced materials, 29, 1703495 (2017)
    [DOI: 10.1002/adma.201703495]