Research Topics and Techniques


Research Topics:

  • Superresolved fluorescence microscopy in microgel systems
  • Diffusional changes and evolving heterogeneities in single molecule mobility during polymerization and their influence on polymerization kinetics
  • Single molecule dynamics in thin polymer films in vicinity of the glass transition temperature
  • Photocleavable energy transfer dyads for single molecule microscopy with improved resolution
  • Fluorescence labeling and diffusional studies of anisotropic nanoparticles


  • Single molecule fluorescence microscopy at room and elevated temperatures
  • (Dual foci) Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, FCS / 2fFCS
  • Multiconfocal Spinning Disk Microscopy
  • Fluorescence anisotropy spectroscopy
  • Raman spectroscopy and microscopy


  • Translational and rotational motion of single molecules
  • Changes in fluorescence and Raman spectra
  • Single molecule FRET efficiencies