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  • Wypysek, Sarah K.; Centeno, Silvia P.; Gronemann, Till; Wöll, Dominik; Richtering, Walter
    Hollow, pH‐Sensitive Microgels as Nanocontainers for the Encapsulation of Proteins
    Macromolecular bioscience, 10, 2200456 (2023)
    [DOI: 10.1002/mabi.202200456]
  • Nevolianis, Thomas; Scotti, Andrea; Petrunin, Alexander V.; Richtering, Walter; Leonhard, Kai
    Understanding the monomer deuteration effect on the transition temperature of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) microgels in H2O
    Polymer Chemistry (2023)
    [DOI: 10.1039/D2PY01511K]
  • Saadli, Meriem; Braunmiller, Dominik L.; Mourran, Ahmed; Crassous, Jérôme Joseph Emile
    Thermally and Magnetically Programmable Hydrogel Microactuators
    Small, 10, 2207035 (2023)
    [DOI: 10.1002/smll.202207035]
  • Strauch, Christian; Schneider, Stefanie
    Ionisation and swelling behaviour of weak polyampholyte core-shell networks - a Monte Carlo study
    Soft matter, 19, 938-950 (2023)
    [DOI: 10.1039/D2SM01301K]
  • Petrunin, Alexander V.; Bochenek, Steffen; Richtering, Walter; Scotti, Andrea
    Harnessing the polymer-particle duality of ultra-soft nanogels to stabilise smart emulsions
    Physical chemistry, chemical physics : PCCP, 25, 2810-2820 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1039/D2CP02700C]
  • Scotti, Andrea; Gasser, U.; Zhou, B.; Arenas-Gullo, A.; de la Cotte, A.; González, J. Rojo; Fernandez-Nieves, A.
    Compressible Microgels in Concentrated Suspensions: Phase Behavior, Flow Properties, and Scattering Techniques to Probe Their Structure and Dynamics
    Smart Stimuli-Responsive Polymers : Polymers, Films, and Gels, 203-240 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1002/9783527832385.ch6]
  • Nickel, Anne Catherine; Denton, Alan R.; Houston, Judith E.; Schweins, Ralf; Plivelic, Tomàs S.; Richtering, Walter; Scotti, Andrea
    Beyond simple self-healing: How anisotropic nanogels adapt their shape to their environment
    The journal of chemical physics, 157, 194901 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1063/5.0119527]
  • Petrunin, Alexander V.; Bochenek, Steffen; Richtering, Walter; Scotti, Andrea
    Analytical data belonging to the publication 'Harnessing the polymer-particle duality of ultra-soft nanogels to stabilise smart emulsions'
    [DOI: 10.22000/680]
  • Scotti, Andrea
    Analytical data belonging to the publication "Resolving the different bulk moduli within individual soft nanogels using small-angle neutron scattering"
    [DOI: 10.22000/604]
  • Hohenschutz, Max; Bauduin, Pierre; Gonzalez Lopez, Carlos; Förster, Beate; Richtering, Walter
    Superchaotropic Nano-ion Binding as a Gelation Motif in Cellulose Ether Solutions
    Angewandte Chemie / International edition (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1002/anie.202210208]
  • Hassani, Abir N.; Stadler, Andreas; Kneller, Gerald R.
    Quasi-analytical resolution-correction of elastic neutron scattering from proteins
    The journal of chemical physics, 157, 134103 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1063/5.0103960]
  • Wypysek, Sarah Kristin
    Structural diversity of polyelectrolyte microgels : towards biomedical applications
    [DOI: 10.18154/RWTH-2022-10018]
  • Wachendörfer, Mattis; Schräder, Philipp; Buhl, Eva Miriam; Palkowitz, Alena L.; Ben Messaoud, Ghazi; Richtering, Walter; Fischer, Horst
    A defined heat pretreatment of gelatin enables control of hydrolytic stability, stiffness, and microstructural architecture of fibrin-gelatin hydrogel blends
    Biomaterials science (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1039/D2BM00214K]
  • Scotti, Andrea; Gasser, Urs; Petrunin, Alexander V.; Fruhner, Lisa; Richtering, Walter; Houston, Judith E.
    Analytical data belonging to the publication 'Experimental determination of the bulk moduli of hollow nanogels as model system for nanocarriers'
    [DOI: 10.22000/681]
  • Shen, Hang; Qiao, Huawei; Zhang, Huagui
    Sulfur-urushiol copolymer: A material synthesized through inverse vulcanization from renewable resources and its latent application as self-repairable and antimicrobial adhesive
    The chemical engineering journal, 450, 137905 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1016/j.cej.2022.137905]
  • Scotti, Andrea; Gasser, Urs; Petrunin, Alexander; Fruhner, Lisa; Richtering, Walter; Houston, Judith E.
    Experimental determination of the bulk moduli of hollow nanogels
    Soft matter, 18, 5750-5758 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1039/d2sm00680d]
  • Houston, Judith Elizabeth; Fruhner, Lisa; de la Cotte, Alexis; Rojo González, Javier; Petrunin, Alexander; Gasser, Urs; Schweins, Ralf; Allgaier, Jürgen; Richtering, Walter; Fernandez-Nieves, Alberto; Scotti, Andrea
    Resolving the different bulk moduli within individual soft nanogels using small-angle neutron scattering
    Science advances, 8, eabn6129 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abn6129]
  • Nickel, Anne Catherine; Rudov, Andrey A.; Potemkin, Igor I.; Crassous, Jérôme Joseph Emile; Richtering, Walter
    Interfacial Assembly of Anisotropic Core-Shell and Hollow Microgels
    Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids, 38, 4351-4363 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.2c00093]
  • Haris, Luman; Biehl, Ralf; Dulle, Martin; Radulescu, Aurel; Holderer, Olaf; Hoffmann, Ingo; Stadler, Andreas
    Variation of Structural and Dynamical Flexibility of Myelin Basic Protein in Response to Guanidinium Chloride
    International journal of molecular sciences, 23, 6969 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.3390/ijms23136969]
  • Scotti, Andrea; Bochenek, Steffen
    Analytical data belonging to the publication 'In-situ Study of the Impact of Temperature and Architecture on the Interfacial Structure of Thermo-responsive Microgels'
    [DOI: 10.22000/603]
  • Bochenek, Steffen; Camerin, Fabrizio; Zaccarelli, Emanuela; Maestro, Armando; Schmidt, Maximilian; Richtering, Walter; Scotti, Andrea
    In-situ study of the impact of temperature and architecture on the interfacial structure of microgels
    Nature Communications, 13, 3744 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1038/s41467-022-31209-3]
  • Scotti, Andrea; Schulte, Marie Friederike; Gonzalez Lopez, Carlos; Crassous, Jérôme Joseph Emile; Bochenek, Steffen; Richtering, Walter
    How Softness Matters in Soft Nanogels and Nanogel Assemblies
    Chemical reviews : CR, 122, 11675-11700 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemrev.2c00035]
  • Haris, Luman
    Structure and dynamics of intrinsically disordered protein
    [DOI: 10.18154/RWTH-2022-06811]
  • Reuter, Leonard; van Staalduinen, N.; Simons, Jasmin; Ludovicy, J.; Lüchow, Arne
    Multi-center bonds as resonance hybrids : A real space perspective
    The journal of chemical physics, 156, 224107 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1063/5.0090607]
  • Nickel, Anne Catherine; Kratzenberg, Timon Lorenz Josef; Bochenek, Steffen; Schmidt, Maximilian; Rudov, Andrey A.; Falkenstein, Andreas; Potemkin, Igor I.; Crassous, Jérôme Joseph Emile; Richtering, Walter
    Anisotropic Microgels Show Their Soft Side
    Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids, 38, 5063-5080 (2021)
    [DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.1c01748]
  • Xu, Jiajia; Qiao, Huawei; Yu, Kai; Chen, Mingfeng; Liu, Canpei; Richtering, Walter; Zhang, Huagui
    Cu2+ tunable temperature-responsive Pickering foams stabilized by poly (N-isopropylacrylamide-co-vinyl imidazole) microgel : Significance for Cu2+ recovery via flotation
    The chemical engineering journal, 442, 136274 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1016/j.cej.2022.136274]
  • Höfken, Tom; Strauch, Christian; Schneider, Stefanie; Scotti, Andrea
    Changes in the Form Factor and Size Distribution of Nanogels in Crowded Environments
    Nano letters, 22, 2412-2418 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.2c00120]
  • Sigolaeva, Larisa V.; Pergushov, Dmitry V.; Gladyr, Snezhana Yu; Kurochkin, Ilya N.; Richtering, Walter
    Microgels in Tandem with Enzymes : Tuning Adsorption of a pH- and Thermoresponsive Microgel for Improved Design of Enzymatic Biosensors
    Advanced materials interfaces, 9, 2200310 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1002/admi.202200310]
  • Liang, Wenjing; Gonzalez Lopez, Carlos; Richtering, Walter; Wöll, Dominik
    Photo- and thermo-responsive microgels with supramolecular crosslinks for wavelength tunability of the volume phase transition temperature
    Physical chemistry, chemical physics : PCCP, 24, 14408-14415 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1039/D2CP00532H]
  • Schulte, Marie Friederike; Izak-Nau, Emilia; Braun, Susanne; Pich, Andrij; Richtering, Walter; Göstl, Robert
    Microgels react to force : mechanical properties, syntheses, and force-activated functions
    Chemical Society reviews : CSR, 51, 2939-2956 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1039/d2cs00011c]
  • Bharadwaj, Swaminath; Niebuur, Bart-Jan; Nothdurft, Katja; Richtering, Walter; van der Vegt, Nico F. A.; Papadakis, Christine M.
    Cononsolvency of thermoresponsive polymers: where we are now and where we are going
    Soft matter, 18, 2875-3098 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1039/d2sm00146b]
  • Nickel, Anne Catherine
    Anisotropic microgels : from synthesis to features in 2 and 3 dimensions
    [DOI: 10.18154/RWTH-2022-01650]
  • Hassani, Abir N.; Haris, Luman; Appel, Markus; Seydel, Tilo; Stadler, Andreas; Kneller, Gerald R.
    Multiscale relaxation dynamics and diffusion of myelin basic protein in solution studied by quasielastic neutron scattering
    The journal of chemical physics, 156, 025102 (2022)
    [DOI: 10.1063/5.0077100]
  • Gonzalez Lopez, Carlos; Horkay, Ferenc; Schweins, Ralf; Richtering, Walter
    Solution Properties of Polyelectrolytes with Divalent Counterions
    Macromolecules : web edition, 54, 10583-10593 (2021)
    [DOI: 10.1021/acs.macromol.1c01632]
  • Jacobs, Michael; Gonzalez Lopez, Carlos; Dobrynin, Andrey V.
    Quantifying the Effect of Multivalent Ions in Polyelectrolyte Solutions
    Macromolecules, 54, 9577-9586 (2021)
    [DOI: 10.1021/acs.macromol.1c01326]
  • Gromov, Oleg I.; Kostenko, Mikhail O.; Petrunin, Alexander V.; Popova, Anastasia A.; Parenago, Olga O.; Minaev, Nikita V.; Golubeva, Elena N.; Melnikov, Mikhail Ya
    Solute Diffusion into Polymer Swollen by Supercritical CO$_{2}$ by High-Pressure Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Chromatography
    Polymers, 13, 3059 (2021)
    [DOI: 10.3390/polym13183059]
  • Hohenschutz, Max; Grillo, Isabelle; Dewhurst, Charles; Schmid, Philipp; Girard, Luc; Jonchère, Alban; Diat, Olivier; Bauduin, Pierre
    Superchaotropic nano-ions as foam stabilizers
    Journal of colloid and interface science, 603, 141-147 (2021)
    [DOI: 10.1016/j.jcis.2021.06.098]
  • Panova, Irina G.; Sudareva, Ekaterina A.; Novoskoltseva, Olga A.; Spiridonov, Vasiliy V.; Shtilman, Mikhail I.; Richtering, Walter; Yaroslavov, Alexander A.
    Temperature-induced unloading of liposomes bound to microgels
    Colloids and surfaces / A, 630, 127590 (2021)
    [DOI: 10.1016/j.colsurfa.2021.127590]
  • Gonzalez Lopez, Carlos; Linders, Jürgen; Mayer, Christian; Richtering, Walter
    Diffusion and Viscosity of Unentangled Polyelectrolytes
    Macromolecules, 54, 8088-8103 (2021)
    [DOI: 10.1021/acs.macromol.1c01169]
  • Nothdurft, Katja
    Cononsolvency of microgels : equilibrium and dynamics
    [DOI: 10.18154/RWTH-2021-08634]
  • Bochenek, Steffen; McNamee, Cathy E.; Kappl, Michael; Butt, Hans-Juergen; Richtering, Walter
    Interactions between a responsive microgel monolayer and a rigid colloid: from soft to hard interfaces
    Physical chemistry, chemical physics, 23, 16754-16766 (2021)
    [DOI: 10.1039/d1cp01703a]
  • Sharratt, William N.; Gonzalez Lopez, Carlos; Sarkis, Miriam; Tyagi, Gunjan; O’Connell, Róisín; Rogers, Sarah E.; Cabral, João T.
    Ionotropic Gelation Fronts in Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose for Hydrogel Particle Formation
    Gels : open access physical and chemical gels journal, 7, 44 (2021)
    [DOI: 10.3390/gels7020044]
  • Gonzalez Lopez, Carlos; Richtering, Walter
    Oscillatory rheology of carboxymethyl cellulose gels: Influence of concentration and pH
    Carbohydrate polymers, 267, 118117 (2021)
    [DOI: 10.1016/j.carbpol.2021.118117]
  • Dan, Abhijit; Agnihotri, Priyanshi; Bochenek, Steffen; Richtering, Walter
    Adsorption dynamics of thermoresponsive microgels with incorporated short oligo(ethylene glycol) chains at the oil-water interface
    Soft matter, 17, 6127-6139 (2021)
    [DOI: 10.1039/D1SM00146A]
  • Hofzumahaus, Cornelius; Strauch, Christian; Schneider, Stefanie
    Monte Carlo simulations of weak polyampholyte microgels: pH-dependence of conformation and ionization
    Soft matter, 2021, 6029-6043 (2021)
    [DOI: 10.1039/D1SM00433F]
  • Chuchmareva, Marina; Strauch, Christina; Schröder, Sebastian; Collong, Arndt; Niggemann, Meike
    Regio- and Stereoselective N-addition to an Open Bromo Vinyl Cation
    Tetrahedron letters, 74, 153173 (2021)
    [DOI: 10.1016/j.tetlet.2021.153173]
  • Reinartz, Ines; Sarter, Mona; Otten, Julia; Höfig, Henning; Pohl, Martina; Schug, Alexander; Stadler, Andreas; Fitter, Jörg
    Structural Analysis of a Genetically Encoded FRET Biosensor by SAXS and MD Simulations
    Sensors, 21, 2-11 (2021)
    [DOI: 10.3390/s21124144]
  • Krugmann, Benjamin; Koutsioubas, Alexandros; Haris, Luman; Micciulla, Samantha; Lairez, Didier; Radulescu, Aurel; Förster, Stephan Friedrich; Stadler, Andreas
    Adhesion Process of Biomimetic Myelin Membranes Triggered by Myelin Basic Protein
    Frontiers in Chemistry, 9, 631277 (2021)
    [DOI: 10.3389/fchem.2021.631277]
  • Bochenek, Steffen
    Microgels at liquid interfaces
    [DOI: 10.18154/RWTH-2021-04937]
  • Nandakumaran, Nileena; Barnsley, Lester; Feoktystov, Artem; Ivanov, Sergei A.; Huber, Dale L.; Fruhner, Lisa Sarah; Leffler, Vanessa Bianca; Ehlert, Sascha; Kentzinger, Emmanuel; Qdemat, Asma; Bhatnagar-Schöffmann, Tanvi; Rücker, Ulrich; Wharmby, Michael T.; Cervellino, Antonio; Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal Edward; Brückel, Thomas; Feygenson, Mikhail
    Unravelling Magnetic Nanochain Formation in Dispersion for In Vivo Applications
    Advanced materials, 33, 2008683 (2021)
    [DOI: 10.1002/adma.202008683]